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Young 13 model

Young 13 model

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Related article: Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 01:38:17 -0700 (PDT) From: ray hkg Subject: Change of my life (installment no 3)This story is written based on my own experience (chapter 1 and 2). Starting from this chapter, the story is further developed based on my own fantasy.WARNING: This story is about homosexual and domination. If this subject offends you, or if it is illegal in your country, or if you are under the legal age, please do not read further and leave.Change of my life (Chapter 3)By: Ray ( )Chapter 3: I got a response.After a month time have I posted the ad on the net looking for a Master, I get no more ebony glamour models response. I am still locked in the birdcage and unlock for masturbate from time to time. At night I usually sleep with the Hiatt old pattern handcuff and leg iron locked on.One day, I found there is a new mail in my mailbox. It read "Experienced Master am now seeking for a real, serious lifetime slave. If this slave is serious, tell Master why it want to submit and what it think its life will become once after its submission."I jump from my chair and said to myself, "Perhaps this guy is serious as he seems to be ordering me to ask his questions. But why doesn't he ask for a photo of me?"Without any delay, I click the reply button and start writing how much and how long had I dreamed to become a real slave. Describing how much I wish to be locked into metal restraints and chastity belts and how much I wish to have a Master determining if I will be unlocked. Stating that it is my duty to perform all the household duties for the Master. I also write that I have little teenmodel tgp not been trained and have no experience but wish to learn to become a good slave. I tell him that once I submitted as his slave, I become his own property and he has the absolute right to have me shaved, collared, tattooed and pierced in order to shown my submission status and ownership. Moreover, I said that I have no right to use any furniture but a cage to sleep in, a bowl on the floor for food and water. Master will determine how to dress me when allowed hot 14yo model to go out. I also mention that pain and punishments forms part of the life of a slave and I will accept any of them if I do not meet his requirement, or performing his order without delay. I tell him I have to satisfy his need whenever, whatever and wherever he order or I will receive heavy punishment. littel girls model I tell him that I have never suck or be fucked and I wish him to have patient to let me learn. And the last thing I tell his is my limits: no blood, no scat and no bareback.After finish writing my reply, I attach 2 pictures of me. One is in casual escort modelo garota wear and the other is I naked, locked into handcuffs, leg irons and cock cage. Then I click the send button.Four days later, I receive an email and it reads "slave, doesn't it start to learn as it know it is novice? slave can never use `I', `me', `my' as slave is just its Master's property. I have clearly wrote `it' and it should use `it' in replying to Me. And if I determine to take it as My slave, `it' becomes `Master Jack's slave'. is it understand? Since this potential slave is not my property now, slave can use `slave', `slave's' and small `i' to describe itself. But never to use capital `I' "I am very sorry that I have not learned from the very beginning. And I start wondering if it is so hard to life as a slave and how would my life become if I really submitted to Master Jack. Anyway, I keep on reading Master's Jack's email. "Now slave, I have read its reply. It seems it is serious and require a lot of training. I think it has the correct slave attitude and is trainable. does slave know once it submitted to be My slave, I own totally slave's mind and body. slave is not allowed model teen cz to touch its slave cock and slave ass without My permission as they all belong to Me. Even if slave has to piss, it has to obtain My permission in prior no matter where I am. Otherwise, slave will be punished. Life of a slave is not easy at all and cannot compare with slave's own fantasy and dream.""I require My slave to perform, to act and to appear in the way I decided. I require My slave to look, to act and to live as My slave property according to My own wish. So slave will be marked, pierced and shaved to what I want. Remember, it belongs to Me and I have to total right to mark it as my property. But I won't damage and destroy it as it still has life.""I am easy going and do not want to damage and hurt my slave as a damaged and sick slave is escort modelo garota no argentina modelos porn use at all. Only a healthy slave is useful to its Master. I am healthy and don't want to take any risk. slave's concern is also My concern. I don't fuck stranger and prefer only safe sex. But I want to point out that I am not a sex drive and would never fuck all day and night. As my carrier requires me to take a lot for creation so I don't fuck daily. When I am concentrate on my work, I don't want to be disturbed. If slave just want to be fucked and sucked day and night, don't waste my time anymore.""I have trained several slaves before. Some of them becoming other Master's fulltime slaves and I still have a part time slave. But its company requires it to move to another office in New York in the next quarter. So I want to own a full time slave for my own use. Master is 42 years old Caucasian, 185cm, 180lbs, 8" cut. I have a PA, some tattoos on my arms and body. I am a freelance designer and work at home. I usually have to visit my coordinator's office bi-weekly in determining the job allocation. I live in LA but not in the city. The driving time to the city is about tiny cute models an hour and the nearby supermarket is 10km from my home. I have to concentrate on my work so I select this quite place. My nearest neighbor requires 5 minutes in walking. For my house, the living room, kitchen, dining area, a storeroom and a small dungeon are located on the ground floor. This small dungeon has wall mounted o-rings to attach the manacles locked to a slave, and also act as the shower and toilet place for the slave. On the first floor is my "home office" and 2 guests room. Second floor is Master's bedroom. Under the roof is My fully equipped dungeon with 2 cages, cross, bondage table and chair, various leather and metal bondage equipments, sleep sac, various punishment and torture equipments like clamps, whips, floggers and paddles of different kinds, sling, dildos and plugs of different sizes, hoods, muzzles and head cages, etc. I can also lock a chain to the slave anywhere albuquerque nude models in the house as I have mounted a lot of o-rings anywhere inside my house. Or I can lock the slave in the cage located in My large garden too. Behind My garden is a wood where I can tired my slave to the trees.""slave, I have enough description on Myself. I know it is unfair to has it to submitted itself to Me now. And just reading what you write is not enough for me to take it as My slave. But I know it is fair enough for slave to come to My place for an interview and has a training session. I know slave very wish to has someone to put it into different bondage gear, torture, slave training, humiliation sessions and more. Even slave doesn't like to submit at the end, no one loss. I just try someone out. Normally I don't train stranger as slave training is not my job. What I can promise is I will not FUCK this slave before I own it as I don't know its health status. I do have to protect Myself.""If slave really want to has its chance, littel girls model think about chubby latina models it and reply ONLY IF slave provide a positive answer to Me. Otherwise, don't waste My time anymore. MASTER JACK."After i have read Master Jack's email. i cannot help from unlock my birdcage for masturbation. Then i found i am sorry as i has not obtain permission to do so. i just cannot sleep well at the night as i cannot keep from thinking of Master Jack's offer.On the next day, i go to the personnel department to ask how much annual leave do i have for the year. And see when should i take the annual leave in the shortest time. The secretary said she would give the information to me before lunch. In the whole morning, i don't know what i have done except from thinking when i can go for the slave training session.i receive the memo from the personnel at noon time. It said i have not take annual leave for the whole year. So i still has a maximum of 14 days continues annual leave and i have to apply for the annual leave 14 days before i take the leave. Approval or alternative choice will be made on the next day of my tiny cute models formal application. i just look at the calendar to look for the shortest and best date for my annual leave. i then fill in the form to has my annual leave from Oct 25 to Nov 7. This mean that i can leave on Oct 23 after my half day work on Saturday and return to Hong Kong on Nov 6.In the next morning, i receive the approval for my annual leave then I book the air ticket to LA on the internet. In the afternoon, i have to meet a client at his office and I go to the US consulate to apply for a entry visa.When I obtain the visa, I confirm the air ticket and email Master Jack to inform Him that slave has obtained the annual leave, the visa and the air ticket and hence ask for its interview and training session from Oct 24 to Nov 6.Later, i receive an email from Master Jack "Instruction from Master Jack.""slave, it seems it is really serious to beg for a training session. I am grateful that it is really want to become a slave. read carefully My instructions and slave MUST follow them in order model nude skye to show the loyalty for training. Otherwise, I will just kick it out from my house.""Form now on, slave must keep its cock lock up in chastity belt until it go to the airport fro departure and not allowed to touch and masturbate. slave pubic hair must remain for Me to shave. slave is not allowed to play with its tits and ass hole.""slave should address Me as Master or Sir and address itself as it or slave when writing and talking (if allowed) to Me.""slave should bring along a suitcase carrying its clothes to eliminate any question when it go through the immigration and customs. they will kept remain in the suitcase when slave return back to home. What slave is allowed to wear for the journey is a t-shirt, a jacket, jeans, footwear BUT NO underwear.""I will make an appointment with my friend, who is a doctor of a local hospital, to carry out a detail blood test, ECG and take x-ray to your chest once slave arrived. These are done for me to decide if it is clean and healthy enough to become my lifetime owned slave property if it really want to submit.""when slave arrive my 21 nude models house, Master will hold a talk to slave. slave is free to ask questions but I will only answer if I prefer to do. slave has to answer ALL the questions honestly litlle model porno I asked. Then I will finally consider if it is worth to start the training.""Once the training session started, slave will remain naked, collared and locked into manacles and chastity belt all the time litlle model porno except for putting into other from of bondage until slave return hoe or go out with Me if I consider to do so. slave has to perform all the slave duties including but not limit to household duties (which remain locked) include cooking, cleaning, ironing, etc as I ordered. slave has to clean up all the equipments I used on slave after each use and tidy up the dungeon. slave is not allowed to use any of the furniture. slave must eat and drink directly from the bowls on young 13 model the floor. slave cannot speak, talk, avro lancaster model do anything (include doing to toilet) prior to my permission.""During this training, slave will be sucked and serve Me orally when ordered to do so. slave will be tortured by clamps, weights, candle wax or any means (mostly tit, cock and ball, etc). slave will be put into total immobilized bondage. slave will be punished by flogging the slave butt, back or face by any means for its misbehave. Remember slave, pain and punishment are required for the growth of a slave and form part of its life.""Master will record and take photos during the session. Master promised these are solely for my own use or share with my friends ONLY inside my house. Nothing will be distributed or released before slave becomes my owned slave property. After that, slave has nothing as I am the Master totally own the slave.""Master promised not to real fuck slave but will put butt plugs and dildos up to the slave hole. Master promised not to shave its head. Above will be done after slave real submission as full time slave.""Master is experience and never place a slave on the edge. Master know when to stop if something goes wrong litlle model porno and Master don't take any risk. But I will give slave a safe word to use anytime it want to stop. Once slave use the safe word, everything would stop once and salve will be release at once and sent to the airport. No return, no second chance and all is over. It is fair enough as I know how much one can bear and any one cannot accept what I done, it's not a slave for me. The safe word is `Mickey mouse'.""slave is required to sign a document stating it is willing to be trained, bounded, sucked, locked up by Master and Master will not damage or hurt the hawaii xxx model slave.""slave, I have clearly state out my requirement. If slave cannot accept it, don't come here. Let me know 1 boy models the final slave decision of this training session. It is not a game or a play but for real. MASTER JACK."After reading Master Jack's email, i was frightened. But schoolgirl princess models my cock tries to erect inside the birdcage. i know this is the chance i have looked for and dreamed for years. i then knee at my computer and start writing back to Master maxwellmodelagency Jack."Sir, slave has carefully read the instruction Master ordered. salve will follow Master's order not to touch and play with its tits, ass hole and cock. slave will not masturbate without Master's permission. slave will record any of its misbehave in order for Master to punish it.""Sir, slave will wear only t-shirt, jacket, jeans and a pair of sneakers with no underwear. slave will carry a case of useless clothes. slave is very hoping to has the training session started at once.""Sir, may slave ask how it can recognize its Master at the airport when slave arrive?""Sir, thank you Sir for giving this slave a young model free chance to be avro lancaster model Your slave, Sir!"i then click the send button and go to bed. i try to sleep but i always keep thinking about my training session. Whenever i think about it, my cock tries to erect inside the birdcage and it is very painful. i want to release it but Master Jack has ordered me not to do so.Master Jack send me an email on the next day. He wrote, "slave, just look for the sign `s ray'. I will held at the airport to pick you up. Master Jack."i still have no idea how Master Jack look like as He has never send me a photo of him. To me, how he look like is not important but how He train me, treat me, bond me and punish pearl teen model me is the most important. Is Master Jack really keep his promise not to hurt and fuck me during this training session? i don't know but what i can do is trust Him.The last ten days were very difficult for me to pass. i even don't know what i have done during this period. Luckily, I didn't mess up the i have never kept locked into the birdcage for such a long time without a release. But i know i must follow Master Jack's order. Moreover, if i can become Master Jack's fulltime slave, it is His absolute right to decide how long i have to be locked. If i can't control myself, i am not qualified as a slave at all.Last night, i have packed some clothing into my suitcase and i know they will remain the same when i am back. i decided to unlock the birdcage when I arrive the airport before check in. i keep looking at my watch in the whole morning to see if it is 1pm yet. my colleagues keep asking me if i am so excited hot 14yo model of my vacation. I am really excited in it, but they don't know it's not a vacation but a slave training session to me.When it's 1pm, i just say goodbye to my colleagues and hurry to the airport. i go straight ahead to the toilet to unlock myself and put the birdcage into the suitcase. Then i go to the check in counter and further go through the immigration and custom.At the waiting area, i was a bit nervous but so excited. i can feel pre-cum is leaking to my jeans. i just hope that it will no appear and no one would notice that i haven't wear any underwear.As i am free from any chastity device and bondage, I can sleep well over the whole flight. (To be continued)********************************************************************Arthur's note: Starting from this chapter, the story is further developed based on my own imagination of myself being submitted to a Master as his slave property. I really hope that my dream will come hot 14yo model true. If anyone has any comment or experience to share, please feel free to email me. Or if any Master here has interest on training and owning me tiny model tgp as his lifetime slave, please email me. Thank you.I have received some readers' email, providing their own experience, suggestion, etc. I do really thanks everyone who has read my story and sending me the feedback. I will try my best to reply to every email I received as soon as possible. Once again, thanks everyone!
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